It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of our founding partner, James Christina, on Sunday, June 19, 2022. Jim had been battling respiratory issues related to his time in service during the Vietnam War in the 1970s and finally succumbed to those injuries.

He was a great writer, a savvy businessman, a musician, and, more importantly, an incredible friend. We extend our condolences to his wife, Gerry, his family, and all of his friends who have been hit with this terrible news. There will not be a single day that passes without us missing you terribly, Jim.



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274617399_1014285635847067_8022691085076294800_nJuly 19 – Lightbringer (St. Tommy NYPD #10) – Declan Finn

August 16 – Castle Brave – Hawkings Austin

August 30 – Dark Web (St. Tommy NYPD #11) – Declan Finn

October 11 – Blue Saint (St. Tommy NYPD #12/Series Finale) – Declan Finn

November 7 – Allow Me To Ruin Your Christmas – Freddy Cruz







As of May 1, 2022, Tuscany Bay Books has acquired the rights to Declan Finn’s St. Tommy, NYPD series and has re-released the first eight books.

Book #9, Destiny, is coming out on May 31st, followed by Lightbringer (July 19th), Dark Web (Aug. 30th) and the series finale, Blue Saint (Oct. 11th). E-book editions and pre-orders are available now and there will be paperback and hardcover editions out soon. Click here to get your e-book copies of the entire 12-book series.





GALEN’S BLADE (Starquest 4th Age #2)

Galen's Blade Cover copy


The journey of Galen Dwyn continues in the second book of the Starquest 4th Age series.

While Dwyn lies in stasis, recovering from his injuries in his stand against Harmool’s fleet, Rhea has assumed the title of Regent of Salacia while leading the search for her missing father, King Iodocus. She is also helping repair the damage done to the Alliance in her Uncle’s and Mother’s mad quest to launch a new Empire. A shocking assassination attempt is thwarted at the last second by Dwyn, who seems to be a changed man now that he has exited stasis to save his love.

The King’s location is ascertained and a rescue mission mounted to retrieve him from the Wilds, a lawless area of space. An ambush splits their forces and Dwyn leads the ambushers away so that Rhea and her father can escape. Before Dwyn can find a way back to Alliance territory, an old enemy returns from the grave, and hold Rhea and the King hostage, while triggering a massive insurrection that overthrows the Alliance and installs a new Emperor.

Dwyn must now mount a second rescue while finding a way to rally a rebellion against this threat to peace in the Hominids’ corner of the Andromeda Galaxy.
From reviewer Stan Johnson:
I was given an Advanced Review Copy of Galen’s Blade in exchange for an honest review. Honestly, I very much enjoyed the book. It was a solid follow-on from the previous installation, Galen’s Way, and carries on the fast-paced adventure of Galen Dwyn, smuggler-turned hero.

In Galen’s Blade, the galactic Alliance is recovering from an attempted overthrow at the hands of Adalwin Harmool, a former Chamberlain of Kind Iodocus of Salacia. The king, himself, is still missing, secreted away by his traitorous brother and treacherous wife.

Meanwhile, Princess Rhiannon guides Salacia as regent, longing for the return of her father and of her hero and lover, Galen Dwyn, who hovers between life and death after nearly giving his life to end Harmool’s threat.

Little does Rhiannon know what surprises are in store for her–and the Alliance–in the near future.

Galen’sBlade reunites the crew of the Tempest as they tackle an unexpected rising evil that will tear the Alliance apart, and drive even the best of people into hiding. Yet, even in the ashes of terror lies an ancient hope waiting to be reborn.

I enjoy Paolinelli’s clean prose and easy style. As I said of Galen’s Way, this story bears the hallmarks of classic sci-fi, while still moving the story forward at a good clip.

The characters are distinct, and I enjoyed their chemistry, same as I did in the previous novel. Galen’s Blade certainly ups the stakes–both for the universe, and for Galen Dwyn personally–but Galen certainly rises to the challenge, now endowed with newfound and inexplicable abilities.

Even better, he gets a little taste of the tougher parts of fatherhood; I won’t give any spoilers, but for those who read Galen’s Way, let’s just say it was bound to happen, given the circumstances and the characters involved.

For anyone looking for a light, fun sci-fi read, I’d recommend Galen’s Blade. I’m looking forward to the next installment, currently due out in 2023.





Re-Enchanted, Poems for the Imagination & Inspiration is a collection of thought-provoking poems and prayers that elucidates and gives insight into the importance of the imagination as a critical faculty that bodies forth truth and gives us an inkling of a transcending reality that we all ache and long for.

This world we live in has humanity under a dis-enchanted spell that causes us to believe that science and our senses are the only reliable and empirical sources for truth and that this material world is all there is. This disenchantment can be broken by the power of art and objective truths. These poems aim to re-enchant the imagination and awaken minds to another world that is realer than real and truer than true.

These poems and prayers not only evoke wonder and the numinous, but they also give insight into the inner struggles of the human condition and ask the questions where is our hope in this life and in the life to come? These poems flirt with romance and the mystery of passion and affection that breathes life into the heart of the hopeless romantic. In Re-enchanted, Poems for the imagination, you will find glimpses of your life, your longings, and yourself.




Tom’s Revenge

Tom's Revenge New copyHIDDEN IN PLAIN SITE

Tom Dufran was on the trail of one of the most malicious men to roam the west, with only the image on an old wanted poster to go on. The trail not only led him to Belle Fourche in the Dakota Territory, but also to cross paths with someone from his past. Aubrey Walters was only in town to purchase a herd of cattle, not to run into the man she thought had
perished years ago. Now the memories and feelings of the past were flooding back in.

Did he feel the same way about her?

Would she be able to find out?

While that was unforeseen, giving countenance to the man to board the train was even more startling. A gross oversight that would allow him to fix the past.

Would he be able to rectify it in time?   


Check out the amazing new White Ops series, written by Declan Finn. Book #1, White Ops, is out now on Amazon and Books2Read. A hardcover and paperback edition will also be available soon!

White Ops (#1)

The Pharmakoi rampaged across dozens of star systems, taking on the toughest races in the Galaxy in their campaign of conquest. But they are only the beginning.

Sean Patrick Ryan sees that another race is behind the Pharmakoi expansion ; a race that wants to test our galaxy for weakness, and who needs to be eliminated from within. To fight the enemy in the shadows, Sean will put together a strike team to light up the darkness— with nukes if necessary.

They will get the job done at any cost.

They will be White Ops.

Politics Kills (#2) on Feb. 15th

Sean Patrick Ryan’s White Ops team has taken on impossible odds and walked away unscathed. But when Earth President Douglas Wills turns Earth into a prison camp, they will fight an entire planet to save their loved ones.

Along the way, they must unite hundreds of alien races against the looming threat from another galaxy and recruit allies that can only be reached through hyperspace filled with hostile space jihadis.

War may be Hell, but politics may kill them first.


Main Street D.O.A. (#3) on Mar. 15th

Sean Patrick Ryan’s White Ops team has survived two wars, pirates, a cannibalistic alien horde from another galaxy, space jihadis, and political maneuvering. Their boss thinks they deserve a break and sends them to the “happiest place in the galaxy.”

Luckily for Sean, terrorists take over the amusement planet before he can lose his mind.

To stop the terrorists, White Ops will have to battle a weaponized planet, including cloned dinosaurs, giant sharks, animatronic amusements and a doomsday device that will destroy the planet.

And when the deadliest assassin alive joins the fray, whose side will he be on?

Pre-order Books #2 & #3 today right here: White Ops Series




The Tattoo Murder by Bob Brill

Bob Brill, and his murder mystery set in Ventura, California: The Tattoo Murder, is now available in e-book, paperback and hardcover formats.

The_Tatto_Murder_3D“The Tattoo Murder” is the story of a U.S. Army combat veteran who became a police officer back in his home town after he’d seen enough injustice in the world.

A different kind of cop, Det. John Potenza travels to the tune of his own drum, the waves which he loves to surf, the women who occupy his life and the music which drives him. All this is secondary to getting it right when it comes to justice. An Italian-American who knows his way around the kitchen, the fit and trim with comic book hero good looks catches the eye of almost every woman he meets. If he were British he’d probably be in “her Majesty’s Secret Service” with a Double-O in his name.

Many of the characters in the book are derived from Bob Brill’s own past and acquaintances and friends and while the book is a work of fiction, the people are real…

…well sort of.

Order via Amazon here.

Order via Books2Read here.

Paperback and Hardcover editions are also available nearer.




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Tuscany Bay Publishing began as an online magazine publisher in Half Moon Bay, California in 2007. In 2013, it transitioned to publishing non-fiction books and novels. Black Dog Publishing came into existence by the need to offer editing, proofreading and publication services to beginning and newer authors without a publisher. It’s hard enough to write it, let us help you get it on a shelf.

Having gone through the discovery process and realizing how expensive editing and proofreading can be, Black Dog Publishing has devised a simple program to allow new authors to have their books, etc., edited and proofread professionally.

So, if you’re a new writer and would like help navigating the publishing industry, feel free to email or call Black Dog Publishing. We would love to have you, but more, to help you.

With this in mind, in June of 2017, Black Dog Publishing and Tuscany Bay Publishing became Black Dog Publishing with our quality imprint, Tuscany Bay Books. Under this fine label you will have a book, manuscript, or script in which you can be proud. This is where Indie writers come to see their dreams come alive!!!

As an Indie writer, we know how hard it is to write, edit, proofread, and promote your novel, play, poetry or screenplay. Tuscany Bay makes it very affordable to have your manuscript professionally edited, and we know, if you need one thing as a writer, especially an Indie Writer, it’s a good, affordable editor. 

Our rates are simple. After an initial investment of, $250.00, our program is surprisingly easy. Tuscany Bay Books and Black Dog Publishing, based in Idaho and Colorado, has a better idea and have launched a new program to help new authors put their words to page, their book on a shelf and make their dreams come true. And at a royalty rate of 20% of earned royalties to the author – higher than that offered by traditional publishers – because we believe that royalties should flow to the author. Now, bear in mind, books you purchase directly through us or books ordered in bulk, the royalty rate does not apply. 

We even offer access to a professional editor and a book cover creator at a very affordable discounted rate for those authors who don’t wish to go through the process and expense of finding their own professional editor and cover artist, of course you are certainly welcome to do just that. Tuscany Bay’s editing services are billed out at $20.00 per hour, below other services in kind.

Contact us today for more information and how we can help get you started on the path to becoming an Independently Published Author. We offer assistance with ISBN Numbers or Copyrights, we can and will assist you with that. Give us a call and find out just how affordable we are. Please remember, it will take at least two editing and proofreading sessions to get your manuscript ready. An initial investment of $250.00, will cover your initial ten (10 ) books once your project has been completed. We’ll even give you the best advice for copyrighting your manuscript upon request.

​Our goal is to give you and your manuscript the very best service we can without taking out a bank loan and let you feel the thrill of seeing your book on your shelves and those of your friends and readers.

If you would like to query us, please do not send the manuscript unless we e-mail you to request it first. The information on how to query us can be found on our submissions page.

Our office hours are: Monday thru Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (U.S. Mountain Time). We are closed on Saturdays and Sundays as well as all major holidays.