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In 2017, Tuscany Bay Publishing relocated to Thousand Oaks, California and joined with Black Dog Publishing in Simi Valley, CA to release titles under the Tuscany Bay Books imprint. Be sure to check out and follow our blog for the latest news.

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GALENS_WAY_COVER_300_DPI copyBy Richard Paolinelli

Millions of years in the future, humanity has been driven out of the Milky Way and now calls the Andromeda Galaxy home. Lost in their murky past are the tales of great knights that held the line against the invasion of a dark force until the rest of humanity could escape their doom. The last and greatest of these knights was Galen Underwood.

Long after that heroic stand, a mercenary by the name of Galen Dwyn has been hired to rescue a kidnapped princess. Enticed by a healthy down payment and a chance to settle an old score, Galen accepts the job, only to find out it’s a lot more than he bargained for.

Soon Galen finds himself weaving and dodging through a web of political intrigue as the very forces that chase him have set in motion plans that will throw the galactic alliance into civil war. To his surprise, he also finds that the rescued princess might not be quite the spoiled brat he rescued from the clutches of her keeper. Accompanied by the princess, his former mentor, and a snarky AI, Galen sets out to find a way to outsmart entire kingdoms, keep the princess alive, and avert the deaths of millions.

Of course, he’ll also learn the reasons behind his namesake’s chosen path, as he realizes that the only way to win is Galen’s Way.

* * * * *

Dragon Award finalist Richard Paolinelli takes us on a grand adventure in this Space Opera offering set in the first book of the Starquest Saga. Set in the 4th age of Dragon Award winner John C. Wright’s Starquest universe that will feature several books by Paolinelli, Wright, and other authors in the months and years to come.




Lizzie the Librarian

Cover 2By Roberta Cline and Lily Grace Jackson

Lizzie is the popular self-help librarian at Reptileville Public Library.

Many of the reptiles seek help from Lizzie on how to solve their problems. One day they are greeted by a substitute at the self-help desk who tells them Lizzie has been admitted to Reptileville Hospital for an acute case of lizardnitis.

Her friends visit her at the hospital with a special surprise that will change her life forever.





Beginning June 3, 2021, Tuscany Bay Books will become the primary sponsor of The Writers Block show on LA Talk Radio. Jim Christina, Bobbi Jean Bell (2nd/4th Thursdays only), Richard Paolinelli and Russ Avison (3rd Thursday only) will continue to host the show.


TBB Author Richard Paolinelli is planning on up to four releases in the upcoming months. Seadragon, Firstborn’s Curse, Shades (Del Rio #4) and Expanding Infinity – the sequel to the 2017 Dragon Award Finalist for Best Sci-Fi Novel – are on track for release by the end of the year or early 2022.




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