Re-Enchanted, Poems for the Imagination & Inspiration is a collection of thought-provoking poems and prayers that elucidates and gives insight into the importance of the imagination as a critical faculty that bodies forth truth and gives us an inkling of a transcending reality that we all ache and long for. This world we live in has humanity under a dis-enchanted spell that causes us to believe that science and our senses are the only reliable and empirical sources for truth and that this material world is all there is. This disenchantment can be broken by the power of art and objective truths. These poems aim to re-enchant the imagination and awaken minds to another world that is realer than real and truer than true. These poems and prayers not only evoke wonder and the numinous, but they also give insight into the inner struggles of the human condition and ask the questions where is our hope in this life and in the life to come? These poems flirt with romance and the mystery of passion and affection that breathes life into the heart of the hopeless romantic. In Re-enchanted, Poems for the imagination, you will find glimpses of your life, your longings, and yourself.


This second edition of From The Fields provides an updated narrative account, written by award-winning sports journalist Richard Paolinelli, of the first full century of high school football played in Turlock, California – including stats, rosters, and interviews with former players and coaches. Starting with the first team of 15 players from the 1920 Turlock High football team all the way through to the 2019 season. Players spotlighted include former pro football players from Turlock – Bob Mitchell, Paul Larson, Jeff Winans, Jonathan Quinn, Tom Brandstater and Colin Kaepernick – along with moments in the history of Turlock connected to the football program.


On October 8, 1956, New York Yankees pitcher Don Larsen threw the only perfect game in World Series history against the Brooklyn Dodgers. But the story you have never heard, a story that, had it not happened the way it did, might have changed the very history of baseball is the story of the man in the mask and blue umpire suit standing behind the plate and Yankees catcher Yogi Berra. That man was Ralph “Babe” Pinelli.


Jim Christina wrote over a dozen novels and two works of non-fiction before his death in 2022. Inside this volume are the following non-fiction works he wrote that were originally published by Black Dog Publishing/Tuscany Bay Books and now available only as part of this special collection published by Tuscany Bay Books with the permission of Jim Christina’s estate:

That’s All You Get –

Hours crafting prose, poetry and lyrics for music written or yet to be written and in doing so discovered one basic truth of life and writing. Whereas music bars and notes come and go, the lyric or poetry of the song, if you will, is immortal. They can take you far away to exotic lands or leave you on your couch watching the rain fall endlessly during the fall, winter and spring.

Follow a whaling vessel in search of the blue whale, sing the lament of a young man alone on the ocean, follow the musings of an ancient scribe as he follows life trails or follow the battles raging or yet to be raging in a young soldier’s heart.

As I See It (written as Joe Parts) –

This often-times amusing look at everyday life through the eyes of Joe Parts offers not only Jim’s outlook at life, but shows the humorous side that Jim’s friends and family came to know and love.