A Message From the Official Sea Hound at Tuscany Bay Books

The boss would like to have a word with you all.

Oh, I’m sorry, you thought I ran everything here at Tuscany Bay Books? Oh no, here’s the “man” in charge around these parts.


As you can see, he seems to think he can barge into my office whenever he likes, hop up on my lap and start checking up on my work. When he does this, it makes it pretty much hard for me to get any work done. You try looking around the back of his head , while giving him ear skritches no less, and typing one handed. It just doesn’t work.

At any rate, his name is Jack – no relation to Captain Jack Sparrow but with about 10 times the attitude – and here’s what he has to say:

“Buy more books, so my hooman can get me more treats!”

Did I mention he’s a tad bossy? But, as you can see on the shelves behind us, we have plenty of books for you to select from, and more on the way, starting with Declan Finn’s, Gathering Storm, Book #4 in his award-winning White Ops series, which is available for pre-order here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0BHKJM2CV

Book #5 of the series will be out soon, as will Lori Janeski’s second book of The Carter Files series. I’ll have three books out by the end of this year, including Galen’s Heart, Book #3 of the Starquest 4th Age series, and we’ll have the debut novels of two new authors premiering this year too. So there’s plenty of great new adventures coming for you to enjoy.

Besides, can you really say no to that cute face up there? Just don’t make him call in his brother, Tesla. He’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse…


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