By Jim Christina and Richard Paolinelli

Two men. Thirteen killers. One mission: Bring them back dead… and alive just ain’t an option.

U.S. Marshal. David Crockett Hall and Texas Ranger, John Barclay Armstrong have set out chasing men, each for their own reasons. When their paths converge in Kansas, they discover the men they were following separately have now joined together and are heading for a giant payday somewhere,, but where the two lawmen don’t know.

This story is about camaraderie, friendship, hardship and an unerring desire to complete their jobs at any and all costs.

Set against the background of the late 1870’s, the story takes us across the mid-west, southwest and into Colorado, unfolding a tale of two strangers becoming friends.



By Jim Christina

Severely limited by the loss of a leg at ten years old, Jefferson Greely’s dream is to become Texas Ranger yet is stopped because of his missing leg. Enlisting the assistance of Thomas Griffith, Jefferson gets another chance after Griffith designs a new leg, one capable of acting like a normal leg.

After proving his worth, Jefferson is sworn into the rangers and assigned to track down two killers. Accompanied by a legendary ex-ranger, Caleb Stringfeld, Jefferson and Caleb find the two outlaws but find much more waiting around the corner in the guise of a marauding band of Comanche warriors led by a war chief named Mukwooru.

Staying the Ranger’s code, Jefferson and Caleb track the Comanches to an epic stand of bravery, perseverance and a willingness to die for what they believe.


51WOYXxf8hL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_JONAH BLUE

By Jim Christina

Jonah Blue tells the story of a young boy’s dream of becoming a Rocky Mountain Free Trapper in 1830. Running from his family’s farm at 10 years old, Jonah is befriended by an older Mountain Man named Rensfeld Doggett.

This is the story of Jonah’s transition from young boy to young man and eventually a man in the wilds of the Montana Territory in 1853.