The Timeless Series

The Timeless series is a six-book series of sci-fi/steampunk action and adventure for middle grade/young adult readers. Set two centuries into the future, the series chronicles the voyages of the Timeless, a time-traveling pirate ship that sails through space, air, water and time with equal ease.

The first book, The Timeless, was released on September 15, 2018. The following five books will be released on a regular basis.

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THE TIMELESS (Timeless Book #1)

1564615507Time-Traveling Pirates In Space!

In the far distant future, with the galaxy locked in an area of dark space where electronics will not work, Little John Singapore sits in a prison cell on Pluto awaiting execution. Singapore is the First Mate of the pirate ship, the Timeless. As he awaits his fate he agrees to tell a young author one story each day about his ship and his Captain, Rock Congo.

Singapore tells how the Governor of the Sol system Garabaldi enlisted the ship and her crew to pursue Duchess Moran. Moran is an infamous interstellar thief tired of her plans being interfered with by the Earth-led Alliance. She has stolen the Amulet of Geraint, allowing her to travel through time at will. Her target is ancient Greece, where she plans to prevent democracy from ever taking hold by stopping King Leonidas from reaching the famed Battle of Thermopylae. By changing Earth’s past she hopes to prevent the Alliance from ever forming.

The Timeless, a ship that can sail through space, air and water with equal ease, is the only ship capable of time travel, and Earth’s only hope to save its past, present and future. Despite being crewed by pirates, Garabaldi sends them through time in pursuit of Moran.

When the Timeless arrives in ancient Sparta, the find Moran has already been there and has kidnapped Leonidas and his Queen. Now they have just a matter of days to find her and the King to keep his appointment with King Xerxes of Persia and preserve Earth’s history.

The first book of the Timeless series, a middle grade/YA science fiction/steampunk hybrid, is sure to be a hit with readers of all ages. As well as fans of historical fiction as the Timeless and her crew will be very busy in Earth’s storied past in future books in the series.



1564615760The Timeless, her Captain, Rock Congo, and First Mate, Little John Singapore continue their pursuit of the interstellar thief, Duchess Moran.

Now, Moran has her eyes set on Ancient Egypt and a gem believed to have the power to raise an army of the undead. She’ll unleash this terrible force upon all creation on Earth in her quest to rid the galaxy of the Alliance. But first, she must uncover the secret that lies within the Sphinx to find that gem and how to make it work.

Can Congo, Singapore and the Timeless stop Moran in time and preserve Earth’s history?