Shameless Self-Promotion

  1. Social Media

Facebook – Facebook has literally dozens of groups for readers in every genre, groups specifically for promoting books for Kindle and new releases. Use these groups daily – if the rules allow – to promote your book.

Twitter – Post a brief sentence or two about your book, a link to it on Amazon where it can be purchased and a photo of your book or a good headshot of yourself.  If you are good at photoshop, create an ad with a good background photo, your book cover and some catchy text to help sell your book.

Website/Blogging – Build a website and start a blog. There are many sites that allow you to set up a website and a blog. At the end of every post on your blog, end it with an invitation to check out your book, a purchase link and your book cover or ad. You will sell books this way.

  1. Bloggers, Newspapers & Radio Shows

Search online for any and all bloggers and radio shows related to books or books in your genre. There are many of them out there. Reach out to them. Many will accept a pdf copy of your book and most are eager to read new books. And they are more than happy to leave a review on their blog and many will also leave reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. Some even set up an “interview” where they send you a list of questions for you to answer and they will post your answers on their blog with links to your book, website and other social media.

There are many radio shows devoted to writers and books. Most are looking for new authors to interview. Reach out to them. Get on as many as you can. You will find that they get easier to do every time and they are usually fun to do.

Your local newspaper is also a good resource whenever you release your new book. Reach out to them with a press release.

  1. Bookstores, Libraries and Starbucks

Reach out to new and used bookstores within driving range to set up signings. Contact nearby libraries to arrange readings (you may not be allowed to sell a book on site, but you may convince those in attendance to go home and get a copy). Sweeten the deal by donating a copy of your book to the library. Talk to the manager of your local coffee shop and see about arranging a set time to commandeer a table and set up a signing.

  1. Flyers

Do you know of a business, college or other public area that has some sort of physical bulletin board? Print up a flyer with information about your book, a photo of the cover and where it can be purchased and tack it onto that board. I once posted a flyer about one of my books in a hot dog joint that had such a bulletin board and sold a few books because of it.

In short, every encounter – everything that you do – is a marketing opportunity. Don’t be afraid to try something. If it works, great, keep doing it! If it doesn’t, okay, try something else.