Lucca served as editor for the award-winning anthology, Planetary Anthology Series: Mars (Tuscany Bay Books). He has two short story credits – Whatever Became of Ichabod Crane in Exploring Infinity (Tuscany Bay Books); and, The Guardian, in Fantastic Middle Schools 4 (Wisecraft Publishing).

Lucca’s debut novel, Nick, of T.I.M.E., will be published by Tuscany Bay Books in the Winter 2023/24.

His short story, Far Away The Pale Blue Dot, which was originally published in Planetary Anthology: Mars, will be re-released as a stand-alone novella later this summer.

Retired journalist and author, Michael “Mac” McMullin, is offered a life-changing seat on the first manned mission to Mars.

At first, both he and mission specialist Aiko Tsukuda, are outcasts among the eight-person crew. As the flight leaves Earth and heads for Mars, Mac quickly proves his worth… and discovers the last thing he thought he’d find in space. A second chance at love.

But planting humanity on Mars is a difficult task as the crew quickly finds out. As they face and overcome each new challenge, they discover that Mac is a man who will never give up, never stop fighting to make the mission succeed.

A catastrophic failure leaves Mac stranded on Mars alone, help from Earth several months away. He must use all of his skill, wit, and grim determination to keep mankind’s foothold on Mars secure.

He’ll have to overcome great odds until a relief crew can arrive, especially after all communication with Earth – the far away, pale blue dot in the Martian sky – is lost.


Coming June 13, 2023