Josh GriffingJosh Griffing is a demolition worker and an Army Reservist in Georgia who writes when he can, and reads whenever he can get away with it. He has three kids, four insolent cats, and a dog and a half. Amazingly, his wife is still very nearly sane, and for this he is eternally grateful.

His stories have appeared in Tuscany Bay’s Planetary anthologies (SolEarth, and Luna© 2020, 2021), and in Superversive Press’s charity anthology Impossible Hope, © 2019. His indie novella Pyre & Ice, © 2020, compared by one editor to John C. Wright’s work, is available on  He blogs sometimes at and plugs his writing at   

Josh makes his stand alone debut with his short story set in Declan Finn’s, St. Tommy NYPD series, with Vessel. Now available for pre-order for its Oct. 12th release.