James WebbJames E. Webb was born into a ranching family in California. Growing up on ranches in California and Arizona fostered a love for the history of the American frontier. He joined the United States Army, where he met his wife, whom he married in 2001, and with whom they have 3 wonderful children. He spent a tour in Iraq in 2003. Between his childhood on ranches combined with his love of the west, mixed with his military service was the recipe of “Tom’s Revenge”. 

When James is not writing you will find him with his family or in the kitchen. Aside from writing he also finds solace in art, cooking, reading, and studying. James lives with his wife and children in Sanford, Michigan.

His debut novel, Tom’s Revenge, can be purchased on Amazon and Books2Read. Paperback and hardcover editions are also available.

Tom's Revenge New copyHIDDEN IN PLAIN SITE

Tom Dufran was on the trail of one of the most malicious men to roam the west, with only the image on an old wanted poster to go on. The trail not only led him to Belle Fourche in the Dakota Territory, but also to cross paths with someone from his past. Aubrey Walters was only in town to purchase a herd of cattle, not to run into the man she thought had perished years ago. Now the memories and feelings of the past were flooding back in.

Did he feel the same way about her?

Would she be able to find out?

While that was unforeseen, giving countenance to the man to board the train was even more startling. A gross oversight that would allow him to fix the past.

Would he be able to rectify it in time?