Hawk’s current supervillain title is “Director of Radiation Effects.” In his quest to take over the world, Hawk has landed a series of jobs with NASA, DoD, and Missile Defense. Currently, he’s testing spacecraft for the rigors of the natural (and unnatural) environments that only he can conquer. The recent loss of his sidekick, Vlad (to a paying job) has been painful, but he’s managed to work through the loss to conquer large swaths of Colorado.

Hawk has a number of professional publications in engineering, science, history, and fantasy. He has been performing as a Mad Scientist for many years and is very close, at this point, to taking over (or destroying) the Earth. He can be found blogging on Urban-Fantasy.com, Madsci.us, and tweeting as @Sablehawk. He loves to speak at Science Fiction Conventions, such as Dragon Con, and will be happy – over a beer – to talk about any of these things for hours.

Hawk currently lives in Denver, CO and is enjoying the heck out of spoiling his wife and current baby girl with all of his ill-gotten gains.


The Vani Army’s Special Forces Forward Division has one job. They get behind enemy lines and do unto them First and Hardest. The SSFD are the lurking monsters that make enemy soldiers fear the dark. Infiltrate, Assassinate, Extract. They never deal with civilians.

This mission, they’ve got a civilian target and a civilian advisor. They aren’t behind enemy lines and planning has been rushed. As the screwups mount, it looks like they should turn around and head back to base. But, there is a greater purpose.

Somehow, the future has been changed. The Vanir were winning this war. Now the psychics are seeing Dragons in the sky, armies buried by ancient weapons, and cities burning. This time, the SSFD can’t be the shadows in the dark, they’ll have to be the heroes.