Declan Finn, a three-time Dragon Award Finalist, is the NYC based author of books ranging from thrillers to urban fantasy to SciFi, including the Dragon Award Nominated Novel for Best horror in 2016, Honor at Stake, and the 2017 follow-up, Live and Let Bite. He was also nominated for “Best Apocalypse” novel at the Dragons in 2017. He also won the book of the year award with his novel, Hell Spawn, from CLFA.

Declan is known for being annoyingly Catholic, his action sequences, and writing faster than most readers can keep up with. In less than a decade, he has written 30 novels, and is waiting for all of them to be published. He’s been part of multiple anthologies, and will write for anyone.

His new space opera series, White Ops, released three books earlier this year and the next three in the series will be available soon.

As of May 1, 2022, Tuscany Bay Books has acquired the rights to his St. Tommy, NYPD series and re-released the first eight books.

Tuscany Bay Books has released the final four books in the series and four related novellas. Audiobooks will be released soon.

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White Ops, Book #1

The Pharmakoi rampaged across dozens of star systems, taking on the toughest races in the Galaxy in their campaign of conquest. But they are only the beginning. 

Sean Patrick Ryan sees that another race is behind the Pharmakoi expansion; a race that wants to test our galaxy for weakness, and who needs to be eliminated from within.

To fight the enemy in the shadows, Sean will put together a strike team to light up the darkness— with nukes if necessary. 

They will get the job done at any cost. 

They will be White Ops.



White Ops, Book #2

Sean Patrick Ryan’s White Ops team has taken on impossible odds and walked away unscathed. But when Earth President Douglas Wills turns Earth into a prison camp, they will fight an entire planet to save their loved ones. 

Along the way, they must unite hundreds of alien races against the looming threat from another galaxy and recruit allies that can only be reached through hyperspace filled with hostile space jihadis. 

War may be Hell, but politics may kill them first.



White Ops, Book #3

Sean Patrick Ryan’s White Ops team has survived two wars, pirates, a cannibalistic alien horde from another galaxy, space jihadis, and political maneuvering.

Their boss thinks they deserve a break and sends them to the “happiest place in the galaxy.” 

Luckily for Sean, terrorists take over the amusement planet before he can lose his mind. To stop the terrorists, White Ops will have to battle a weaponized planet, including cloned dinosaurs, giant sharks, animatronic amusements and a doomsday device that will destroy the planet. 

And when the deadliest assassin alive joins the fray, whose side will he be on?



White Ops, Book #4

When Earth First terrorists threaten to assassinate the Pope, the Rangers of White Ops are called in to protect him.

After the hostage situation at Yesdin planet, Sean Patrick Ryan is still bothered by the Renar weapons the terrorists used. When Earth First has the same weaponry, it’s clear that something Is wrong on Renar.

Dark forces stalk White Ops. but who will be the prey?



White Ops, Book #5

Those of the planet Renar have one rule regarding the local mafia: They do not exist.
When White Ops leader Sean Patrick Ryan uncovers its existence, he finds a world of political intrigue and corruption that stretches back years. The Mafia has cast a shadow that has touched every member of his team. Now, the Mafia wants to emerge from the shadows.
Their first target: Sean Ryan. Despite Sean being held back by local politics and diplomatic niceties, he’s still the most dangerous man in the universe.
They underestimated him.



HELL SPAWN (Book #1)

My name is Officer Thomas Nolan, and I am a saint.

I can smell evil. I show mercy to the lesser criminals – the desperate. Even those I’ve put behind bars seem to like me. But now there’s a serial killer bringing darkness beyond imagination to my city. I can smell his stench a mile away. But how can I prove it?

How do you do forensics on a killer possessed by a demon?


DEATH CULT (Book #2)

All saints are dead.

Detective Tommy Nolan is no stranger to bizarre events. After all, he’s a New York cop. And after the demon, he thought he’d seen it all.

When home invaders threaten his family, he was prepared to take it as a risk of the job. When it turns out the intruders were covered in the mark of the demon, he knew the trouble was just beginning.

Now, it’s a race against time as the cult who raised the demon take their revenge. They know that Tommy is not yet a saint.

Because all saints are dead.



Detective Tommy Nolan is having a bad day.

First, the celebrant was murdered during mass. Then the SWAT team knocked down his door trying to kill him.

With a million dollar bounty on his head, every gunman and demonic monster is coming out of the pit to collect it.

Tommy has to discover who’s out to make him a martyr before he becomes a saint for real.



London is alive with the sound of shadows.

When Tommy Nolan was sent abroad to avoid being made a saint too soon, he thought he’d be a glorified tourist. But when an impossible prehistoric artifact the Vatican is looking at is stolen from the British Museum, they do the first thing that comes to mind — they call the cops.

But Tommy is soon convinced that the artifact is more than it seems. The crime scene looks like a war zone. The owners of the stolen merchandise eye him with suspicion. His new partner has a shady, mysterious past. The police are ready to arrest him. The city itself seems primed to explode.

Worst of all, the darkness itself is closing in on Tommy, the city, and everyone who lives there.

But Tommy isn’t one to curse the darkness. The darkness curses him.


CRUSADER (Book #5)

He might be on his last crusade

Still working abroad, Detective Tommy Nolan has a hot tip that leads him to Germany. Women and children are disappearing from Catholic Bavaria. The local police have their hands tied. Tommy is the last hope for answers.

Yet again, Tommy is in over his head. What starts as a sex trafficking ring turns into a terrorist conspiracy to unleash Hell on Europe. To stop it, Tommy must fight Nazi vampires, terrorists, and a swarm of succubi who want him as their next meal.

Tommy has always crusaded for justice. But now he might be on his last crusade.


DEUS VULT (Book #6)

God wills it. A Saint must find a way.

All Tommy Nolan wants is some peace to enjoy his family. He’s been to hell and back, and now he needs a break.

But evil doesn’t need to take a breather, and now the Vatican is back on his doorstep asking for help.

A nearby monastery has been desecrated and the exorcist monks murdered in the most brutal ways imaginable. A legion of demons is gathering for something big, and Tommy’s the saint they need to help.

An old enemy is the ally he needs, but can Tommy trust him? Can they track down all of the demons in time?

And what does the Necronomicon have to do with it all?


COVEN (Book #7)

Detective Thomas Nolan has finally returned home. In typical police fashion, he is welcomed home with a murder case and gunfire.

After one arrest goes spectacularly wrong, Tommy is assigned another case and another dead body.

But everything goes wrong from the start of the case. The deceased is a member of a nearby military base, and no one wants to answer his questions. A local bodega gives him mind-splitting headaches. Worst of all, someone is after his children.

To make matters worse — Tommy no longer has his charisms.


HUSSAR (Book #8)

Detective Tommy Nolan NYPD is no longer a detective. In fact, three years after the events of Coven, Nolan has actually been promoted to Lieutenant. That means that life has been much less exciting for a while.

Rather than walking the streets and getting shot at by everything from street gangs to reanimated zombies, Nolan now spends more time at his desk, keeping the department together, making sure procedures are followed and ensuring that internal affairs investigations are conducted as they should be.

While Tommy is normally more of a hands-on person, the slower life agrees with him since he’s over the hill now and has started to feel age creeping up on him. Put that together with the fact that his oldest son Jeremy and his not-officially-adopted daughter Lena are in Europe to visit an old friend, and things are as calm as they could be.

That is, until he and Bokor Baracus are sent to Texas to investigate a child trafficking operation which the Texas Rangers are about to bust.


DESTINY (Book #9)

When Heathen terrorists try to slaughter him and his family while on vacation in Rome, NYPD Lieutenant Thomas Nolan must call upon every trick he knows to send the terrorist leader back to Hell.



When a director’s daughter overdoses, that’s one thing.

When she comes back as a zombie, that’s a mission for NYPD Lt. Tommy Nolan and his new Joint Supernatural Taskforce.

But when he comes up against a conspiracy that goes back centuries, Tommy will need an army of light to fight off the darkness.


DARK WEB (Book #11)

When a Christian internet celebrity is kidnapped, Tommy Nolan must team up with a ghost from his past in order to battle the horrors lurking in the Dark Web, including a drug dealer peddling supernatural powders, Chinese nationals wielding supernatural weapons, and a Private Military Contractor staffed with witches.

No worries, just another day in the life of a living Saint.


BLUE SAINT (Book #12)

When his local church is destroyed by supernatural means, NYPD Lt Tommy Nolan finds himself besieged by old enemies hellbent on revenge. This time, Hell will see Nolan dead, whatever the cost, and destroy his city with him.

What will Nolan risk to stop the coming onslaught?




For his own good, Detective Thomas Nolan has been sent abroad as part of the NYPD intelligence division.

But when Nolan awakes in the middle of the Italian wilderness, stripped naked and hunted by witches, he might find it safer back in New York.

These witches want to hunt the most dangerous game, but this one may be the most dangerous of all.



When NYPD transplant Thomas Nolan stopped a writer from assaulting a film director, he thought it was another day in Rome.

But he was led there by the scent of evil, and an irked author was the least of the problems in set. The leading lady hides in the shadows, the lead is a fugitive, and the screenplay author may lack a pulse.

Tommy knew Hollywood was murder, but he hoped the victims at least stayed dead.



When body parts end up on the front lawn of a cop, Detective Tommy Nolan would be the first on the scene. But he’s unavailable, driven out of the city by corrupt cops and more corrupt politicians

Tommy’s partner, Detective Alex Packard is a normal cop who knows that the supernatural can kill. With the local priest as a consultant and the ME at his side, they must dig into the rash of human sacrifices all over the city, and how it ties into Tommy’s past. With no powers of his own, Packard must face off against a coven of monsters.

Can he manage on his own? Or will he be next on the sacrificial altar?