Ever wonder what would have happened if H.P. Lovecraft, Douglas Adams and Harry Harrison had gotten together to write a novel?

Wonder no more. Just don’t blame us for the nightmares…


(Cthulhu Amalgamated #1) (Sept. 20, 2022)

1673206981What’s a nice Shoggoth like him doing in a dump like this?

Narg was content working as a Damnation Services-10 in HR. Sure, he was related to one of the Elder Gods, but a little nepotism never hurt any Thing. His life was just wailing and gibbering, right up until his Uncle needed a small favor from his nephew.

All Narg had to do was go down among the humans…and pretend to be one of them.

These are not your Grandfather’s tales of Eldritch Horror: this is the untold story of the ghastly, unappreciated (and entirely expendable) minor monstrosities that support the Inscrutable Plans Of Dark Gods And Elder Things Beyond The Knowledge Of Men.

The Cthulhu, Amalgamated series is a comic romp full of action and mystery, including, of course, Sanity-Shattering Horror––and that’s just the paperwork. Even H.P. could not conceive of the Corporate Terrors that await The Thing from HR.


(Cthulhu Amalgamated #2) (Oct. 4, 2022)


After his travels Down Among the Humans, our unsung every-Thing Shoggoth is back in the office, where first he has to elude the gooey clutches of the Auditors of Doom. After one of Narg’s wayward HR client warns him that something terrible is happening back on his home planet, our hero decides to investigate the rumour for Itself. Thus begins a journey to a land far stranger than the Earth Narg knew: a place called Texas!


(Cthulhu Amalgamated #3) (Oct. 25, 2022)

BREAKROOM_3DJust back from another thrilling adventure down among the Hairless Apes, our every-Thing hero Narg faces the most terrifying corporate challenge yet: a promotion!

Reporting directly to The Blithering Excrescence From Beyond The Stars (aka, his Uncle Beefbits), he and Murph find themselves getting down with the Humans again. But what do G-men, CERN, and small grey aliens have to do with the Amalgamation?

Discover the truth in The Breakroom of a Thousand Nightmares, Book Three of the Escapade Fantastique that is the Cthulhu, Amalgamated series.


“Horror comedy is a tough nut to crack, and Lovecraftian comedy tougher, but Griffis had me genuinely belly laughing for three books now. If you’re tired of the constant mainstream slop being shoved into your face, splurge this summer and grab the trilogy. You’ll have good vibes from beyond the stars.” – Upstream Reviews on The Breakroom of a Thousand Nightmares, Cthulhu, Amalgamated Book Three

“A Cthulhian romp that’s equal parts Terry Pratchett and Mel Brooks… and it just might be the funniest novel I’ve ever read.” – Upstream Reviews on The Thing from HRCthulhu, Amalgamated Book One

“If you’re looking for a horror-comedy with a nice slice of history on the side, you can’t do better than The Auditors of Doom.

“His blend of humor and ghastly imagination makes this an excellent read.”
Amazon reviewers on The Auditors of DoomCthulhu, Amalgamated Book Two