CHEERS_FROM_HEAVEN_EBOOK_COVERBy Mary Elizabeth Jackson and Thornton Cline (Writers), and Lily Grace Jackson (Illustrator)

The latest book from Mary Elizabeth Jackson and Thornton Cline, with illustrations by Lily Grace Jackson, will be released on Oct. 12th. Pre-orders for the e-book are available now, with the book going live on Kindle Unlimited along with a print edition, on the 12th.

Five friends discover they are feeling uneasy emotions about a former classmate, Drew, who suddenly passed away from a dreadful disease. Each of them had mistreated him in their own way and style. Guilt soon overtakes the students, and they are guided by their teacher to visit Drew’s parents and confess their wrongdoings.

During their visit, they are entrusted with Drew’s secret locked box which he left behind. What’s inside sets the students on a life-changing journey. Drew has left these students with some unexpected notes that unites them in a way they never imagined.

They are led to grow in maturity and emotionally, beyond who they once were. The insights gained inspire not only these students to accept others and their differences but leads the whole school to follow. The mysteries continue till the very end with a final message from Drew that leaves everyone wondering can you really send Cheers from Heaven.



Cover 2By Roberta E. Cline (Writer) and Lily Grace Jackson (Illustrator)

Lizzie is the popular self-help librarian at Reptileville Public Library.

Many of the reptiles seek help from Lizzie on how to solve their problems. One day they are greeted by a substitute at the self-help desk who tells them Lizzie has been admitted to Reptileville Hospital for an acute case of lizardnitis.

Her friends visit her at the hospital with a special surprise that will change her life forever.


By Mary Elizabeth Jackson (Writer), Thornton Cline (Writer) and Alice Antimie (Illustrator) 

Precious Poohlicious is made perfect in the eyes of Mommy. Everything about him from his chubby cheeks, to his bright eyes, to his twinkle toes and smiles make him who he is—Perfectly Precious Poohlicious.

The adorable, lifelike illustrations will dazzle you and warm your heart. The ten cute, and catchy, easy-to-sing songs will make you feel the love of Mommy and bring joy to anyone who sings them.

The story is written through the eyes of Poohlicious, who knows he is perfect just the way he is.

71SsUW-cM4L.SR160,240_BG243,243,243 (1)POOHLICIOUS LOOK AT ME

By Mary Elizabeth Jackson (Writer), Thornton Cline (Writer) and Alice Antimie (Illustrator) 

Another must read for mother and child by the folks that brought you Perfectly Precious Poohlicious. Learning and having fun with your baby, time for play, time to learn, time to bond.


Poohlicious 3 Oh the Wonder of Me Book coverPOOHLICIOUS: OH THE WONDER OF ME


By Mary Elizabeth Jackson (Writer), Thornton Cline (Writer) and Alice Antimie (Illustrator) 

The third installment of the Poohlicious series. Teaching children and parents to appreciate themselves.

Praise for Poohlicious: “Oh the Wonder of Me!” “Cleverly upliftsd and stimulates children to believe in themselves. Mary Elizabeth Jackson understands how to have fun and encourage.” –Darshaun McAway Baby–

Book three in the Poohlicious series is carrying on the tradition of seeing the wonderfulness in each child. Oh, the Wonder of Me,, shares both the funny parts of children and thee thigs that make them different,, teaching them that they are okay no matter what. Having different shaped ears, hair that won’t behave and doing things in their own style is what childhood is full of.

Join us with your Poohlicious as we journey through the funny and sometimes awkward parts of childhood while learning empowering. I AM statements to carry with them as they grow. Wonderful for ages four through seven. Let’s get them started early on a road to self-belief and empowerment.