Into The Night, by Caroline Giammanco

People who aren’t exactly as they seem.

Familiar places transformed into sinister voids of darkness and despair.

Stories of the paranormal and science fiction, both macabre and mystifying, that will have you hesitate in fear and awe before you step out… Into the Night.


“Giammanco puts forth a strong debut collection – as varied as it is imaginative – that will intrigue, mystify, surprise, and frighten her readers. Once you crack open the pages, there is no escape.” – Shawn Burgess, author of the bestselling book, The Tear Collector.

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March 2, 2021 release date.
The Zodiac. To some people, it’s a daily horoscope and an amusing distraction. To others, the Zodiac is a lodestar, a way to use the stars to interpret themselves and explain the world around them.
Tuscany Bay Books is excited to announce a Zodiac-themed anthology based on the twelve signs of the Zodiac from Western astrology. Twelve stories, one for each sign; Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Stories that capture the imagination and transport the reader to another world wanted!
– Firm limits of min 5k – max 10k words.
– All genres welcome, but the story must center on the Zodiac sign.
– One submission per sign per author; multiple submissions for multiple signs okay.
– PG-13 preferred, but if graphic sex or violence serve the story, submit it and we’ll try and work with it.
– Submit in Shunn format (find it here:
– Submission deadline is 11:59 p,m. CST September 4th, 2020, with notifications to follow.
– E-book and print publication.
– Publication target date is March 2, 2021.
– Exclusive story rights to the publisher for one year, after which rights revert to the author.
– Twenty percent net proceeds from the first-year sales divided equally between authors.
– Edited by Paul A. Piatt.
– Send submissions only to Paul at: Include the Zodiac sign the story is written for in the subject line.

Pre-Order Available For Planetary: Luna

Tuscany Bay Books’ Planetary Anthology series continues with the second edition of the series – Planetary: Luna. The e-book will be released on Thursday, January 30th and you can pre-order it right now using the link below.

The book, edited by Dragon Award finalist, Declan Finn, features many of sci-fi/fantasy’s best authors: Finn, Jody Lynn Nye, Louis Antonelli, Mark Wandrey, Richard Paolinelli and the legendary John C. Wright and his wife, L. Jagi Lamplighter.

You will also be introduced to many up and coming authors that you will want to read for many years to come.

E-Book pre-order link: Planetary: Luna for $4.99

A print edition will be available for purchase, $18.95, soon.

The first book in the series, Planetary: Pluto, edited by Dawn  Witzke and Richard Paolinelli, is available for purchase here in both e-book and print form.

The next release will be Planetary: Uranus, edited by Chris Wilson, and should be out sometime next month. Following this release, the re-releases of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and Jupiter (previously released by Superversive Press) will soon follow.  The series will conclude later this year with Sol, Neptune and Saturn.


Pluto Pre-Orders Go Live

red spiritual smoke on black background with copy spacePluto, Tuscany Bay Books’ first release in the Planetary Anthology Series, is now live on Amazon for pre-ordering. The book will upload into your Kindle devices on Dec. 5th. It will also be available for free to all KU subscribers.

You can pre-order your copy right here: PLUTO

And check out the book trailer right here: PAS: PLUTO

Many thanks to the 21 authors who contributed these amazing stories to the collection:

Like So Many Paper Lanterns – B. Michael Stevens               

Time Out For Pluto – P. A. Piatt                                                

A Brush – J.D. Arguelles                                                           

The Pluto Chronicles – Bokerah Brumley                               

Bat Out Of Hellheim – Corey McCleery                                 

The Rainbow-Colored Rock Hopper – J. Manfred Weichsel          

The Heart Of Pluto – Christine Chase                                     

The Case For Pluto – A.M. Freeman                                       

Marathon To Mordor – Karina L. Fabian                                

Miss Nancy’s Garden – Jim Ryals                                           

On Eternal Patrol – L.A. Behm II                                            

Pluto Invictus – W.J. Hayes                                                     

Worst Contact – Arlan Andrews Sr.                                         

Ambit Of Charon – David Skinner                                          

Sunset Over Gunther – Frank B. Luke                                    

Adaptive Reasoning – John M. Olsen                                     

Judgment Of Anaq – Andy Pluto                                             

Life At The End – Jake Freivald                                              

A Clockwork Dragon – Allen Goodner                                    

The Collector – Declan Finn                                                   

Yes, Neil D. Tyson, Pluto Is A Planet – Richard Paolinelli   


Now its on to working on getting Luna ready for her release date. As soon as we have that information, we will post it here. FOr now, check out her amazing cover:

The Timeless Honored

1564615507The 2019 New Apple Summer E-Book Awards have been officially posted and The Timeless, the first book of the Timeless novella series co-written by Richard Paolinelli and Gibson Buffa, was awarded Official Selection in this category:

2019 Short Story Category

It is the second time Tuscany Bay Books has collected an award for one of its books from New Apple. In 2017, Paolinelli’s acclaimed sci-fi novel, Escaping Infinity, was named Official Selection in this category:

2017 Science Fiction Category

You can also purchase The Timeless as a paperback or on several other non-Amazon e-book platforms.

Book #2 of the series, Secret of the Sphinx, is available as an e-book and a paperback on Amazon and is also available on other e-book platforms as well.



A Lot Going On

It has been an incredibly busy year for both Jim and I here at Tuscany Bay Books. I moved out to Nebraska in 2018 and Jim pulled up stakes and meandered out to Idaho a few months back.

In addition to settling in, Jim has continued his show on LA Talk Radio, The Writer’s Block, and I started my own podcast, A Scribe’s Journey, which you can watch on YouTube or listen to on iHeartRadio.

We’ve also been busy on the writing front. Jim released his latest western novel, Jefferson’s Chance, and I have been writing a ton of short stories that are being published in several anthologies. I’ve also been releasing the Timeless series, with Secret of the Sphinx being the second of the six-book novella series to be out.

And if that wasn’t enough to keep two (allegedly) retired writers busy, we decided to tackle a major new undertaking – an 11-book sci-fi anthology series.

Superversive Press announced earlier this year that they were abandoning their planned 12-book Planetary Anthology Series after releasing just five of the books. So, we decided we would keep the series alive.

In addition to re-releasing the first five novels in February (an Amazon issue is keeping us from an earlier release date) we will start releasing the rest of the series, starting with Pluto on Dec. 5th. Keep an eye out for more news on that front very soon.

We’ve also revamped the website a little and I will try to be a little more regular with my blog posting here as well as over on my own site –

We’ve also just signed a new author to the ranks, and we’ll have a post about her in the next day or so too.

In the meantime, please look around and check out our ever-growing catalog of books and novels for any reader.

–  Richard