Of Best Sellers And Award Winners…

You might have noticed something new about our website’s landing page. Off the sidebar we now proudly present our best-selling books and our award-winners.

The new year has brought has one new best-seller – Roy M. Griffis’, The Thing From HR, reached #1 on Amazon in both Horror and Epic Fantasy. And we’re not talking in one of the smaller sub-genres either. Both here in the U.S. and in several countries around the world – U.K., Spain, Australia to name a few – Roy was sitting at #1, and #2 in a couple of cases in two main genres. 

Roy also brought home the 2023 Helicon Award for Best Horror Novel with, The Breakroom of a Thousand Nightmares. Declan Finn scored a 2023 Helicon Award for Best Space Opera with, White Ops.

With all the hardware rolling in we decided it was high time we give our authors some prime real estate props and add our prior best-sellers and winners. Declan scored a Best Seller in Christian Fantasy last year with Hell Spawn. And Richard Paolinelli’s, Reservations, was an Amazon Best Seller overall (not just in any specific genre) back in 2019. 

Bob Brill’s, The Tattoo Murder, was a finalist for last year’s National Indie Excellence Awards; Richard Paolinelli’s, Escaping Infinity, collected a 2017 Dragon Award Finalist honor along with an Official Selection at the New Apple awards and an Honorable Mention at the Readers Favorite awards.He also teamed with his grandson to earn an Official Selection award from the 2019 New Apple awards for, The Timeless.

Declan Finn, in addition to his award this year, has scored three Helicon Awards for his St. Tommy NYPD series: Hell Spawn (2019), Deus Vult (2020), and Coven (2021). And, finally, Planetary Anthology Series: Mars collected a 2019 Helicon Award for the short story: The Three Billion Year Love, by James Pyles.

We are very proud of our best-selling, award-winning authors and we are looking forward to adding to our “Hall of Fame” in the years to come.

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