Fall 2022/Spring 2023 Releases

Tuscany Bay Books will be releasing a special edition of all of Jim Christina’s novels soon. This eight-book set will include his fifteen novels set in the Old West of the United States as well as a collection of his song lyrics.

The covers will feature a similar style, a faux-leather cover with elements from the original book covers on them. See an example below of Jonah Blue and Jefferson’s Chance.



Jim’s series of 11 stories involving The Hunter and Jeff Stryker will be combined into four volumes and his two historical fiction novels, Contraband Cowboys and Bugles In The Sun, will be re-released as Legends of the American West.

Tuscany Bay Books has also acquired the publishing rights to Roy M. Griffis’ Cthulhu Amalgamated series and will be re-releasing the entire three-book series in late September/early October. If you ever wondered what would have happened if H.P. Lovecraft, Douglas Adams and Harry Harrison ever decided to write a book together, this series is what you are looking for.

Here is are current release schedule:


(As of August 24, 2022)

Sept. 3rd (Tentative) – 8-Book Special Edition of Jim Christina’s stories:


Jonah Blue

Jefferson’s Chance

The Man Hunters Vol. I (Taggert, The Hunter, Requiem for an Appaloosa)

The Man Hunters Vol. II (The Rights Of Men, Eastern Men, Long Ride Until Morning)

The Man Hunters Vol. III (Still Waters, The Dark Angel, The Return)

The Man Hunters Vol. IV (Stryker, End Of Line)


Legends of the American West (Contraband Cowboys, Bugles In The Sun)


Tales Of The Songwriter


Sept. 20 – The Thing From HR (Cthulhu Amalgamated #1) – Roy M. Griffis

Oct. 4th – The Auditors of Doom (Cthulhu Amalgamated #2) – Roy M. Griffis

Oct. 11 – Blue Saint (St. Tommy NYPD #12 – Series Finale) – Declan Finn

October 25 – The Breakroom of a Thousand Nightmares (Cthulhu Amalgamated #3) – Roy M. Griffis

Nov. 8 – Allow Me To Ruin Your Christmas – Freddy Cruz 

Feb. 21, 2023 – Gathering Storm (White Ops #4) – Declan Finn

Others Release Date in 2023 Still To Be Determined

 – White Ops #5 – Declan Finn

– White Ops #6 – Declan Finn

– Firstborn’s Curse – Richard Paolinelli

– Seadragon – Richard Paolinelli

– Ranger (Starquest, Pre-Migration #1) – Richard Paolinelli

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